Excerpts from the minutes of the meeting of the Board of the Philippine Racing Commission (Philracom) held on 17 April 2013 at 4th Floor Electra House Bldg., Esteban St., Makati City.

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WHEREAS, the Philippine Racing Commission (Philracom) has the exclusive jurisdiction and control over all aspects of the conduct of horse racing including the framing and scheduling of races, the construction and safety of horse racing, the allocation of prizes, and the security of racing as provided for by the Presidential Decree No. 420;

WHEREAS, the Philracom issued a set of Horse Racing Rules and Regulations which authorize the Philracom to impose fines, penalties, suspension, and forfeitures to erring parties including horses;

WHEREAS, the Philracom Board of Commissioners sees the need to revisit the rule on Vicious Horses under 65-E of the Rules and Regulations on Horse Racing as to the time when the horse is hostile while inside the gate before it could be scratched from the race or be automatically withdrawn from the race;

NOW THEREFORE, BE it RESOLVED, by the Philracom Board of Commissioners to amend paragraph E PR65 – Vicious Horses. So that the same shall read as follows:

x x x

E. Hostile inside the gate for more than two (2) minutes that poses danger to jockeys; causes delay of the race and affects untowardly the behavior of the other horses in the starting gate. (Automatically scratched or withdrawn from the race)

x x x

RESOLVED FURTHER, that copies of this resolution be published in the Kopya and the Official Gazette.

APPROVED AND SIGNED by the undersigned Chairman and Commissioners of the Philippine Racing Commission, this 17 April 2013 at Makati City Philippines.