The current Commission Board, led by the Honorable Chairman Angel L. Castaño, Jr. is elated to convey significant accomplishments for the year 2014 (from January to December), as follows:

  • Climb in Total Sales of 5.78%, P8.23 Billion (Estimated to contribute P1.36 Billion in direct government taxes) as compared to P7.78 Billion in 2013. Fifth highest in "Top Ranking" since 1974;
  • Higher Average Gross Prize Money (1st Placer) by P8,700.00 (P133,200.00 compared to P124,500.00 in 2013);
  • Improved Net Horse Owners' Prize (62%) for 1st Placer by P4.200.00 (P81,500.00 compared to P77,200.00 in 2013);
  • Increased by 155 Direct Horse Prize beneficiaries (5,796 compared to 5,641 in 2013);
  • More Direct Job generation for 1,497 licensees compared to 1,429 in 2013, licensing 36 New Horse Owners;
  • Surge of indirect horseracing-related job opportunities derived from the operations of three (3) Racing Clubs, five (5) Associations and six (6) Accredited race program publications;
  • Soar to 2,361 registered racehorses compared to 2,217 in 2013, by far the highest in PHILRACOM history. This equates to more horses to participate in the "3-Race Club" era;
  • Registered 97 active stallions and 1,224 active mares for breeding (based on Dec. 2014 year-end report), 625 foals as runners (Novatos); compared to (ending Dec. 2013) 103 active stallions and 1,304 active mares for breeding, 655 foals as runners (as of Nov. 2013)
  • Full Implementation of the Commission's Regulatory Powers to 97 suspended licensees compared to 107 in 2013 (Decrease means compliance on clear Rules and Regulations);
  • Collection of Fees, Imposition of Fines/Penalties amounting to Twelve Million Six Hundred Forty Four Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Seven & 19/100 Pesos (P12,644,477.19) compared to Ten Million Five Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Seven & 18/100 Pesos (P10,529,927.18) in 2013. This is punctually remitted to the Bureau of Treasury few days after the collection;
  • Total Prizes alloted for PHILRACOM Sponsored Stakes Races amounting to Fifty Six Million Pesos (P56,000,000.00);
  • Conducted Twenty Nine (29) PHILRACOM Sponsored Charity Races with total proceeds amounting to Four Million Nine Hundred Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Five & 91/100 Pesos (P4,919,365.91) compared to Twenty-Two (22) PHILRACOM Sponsored Charity Races amounting to Three Million Four Hunded Seventy Four Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Nine & 68/100 Pesos (3,474,829.68) in 2013. The higher prize moneys on these occasions were reaped by stakeholders (horseowners, trainers, jockeys, grooms, and exercise riders) who were victorious (1st to 4th placers) on those events.